Looking to Transfer Colleges? Read this for a Successful Transfer

Looking to Transfer Colleges? Read this for a Successful Transfer

You’ve decided what direction you would like to take in College and have taken the necessary steps to achieve certain credits at your institution. Some students who want to save money and spend less on their post-secondary education long-term, prefer to take half of their degree at a community college and then transfer their credits over to a University to receive their degree in two more years. This can be a smooth process only if you take the necessary measures beforehand to make sure that you have enough credits, and that the University recognizes your credits, as not all do.

Here are the steps you will want to take to assure that you are not wasting time, money and disappointment once the time comes to transfer.

Read over your college calendar. Every student receives a College calendar to know how many credits each class offers, a broad explanation on what the course is about, the price for the course and if the course is transferable. Read over all of this information before you register for a class you are interested in or need as a prerequisite for your degree.

Make an appointment with a student advisor. These appointments need to be set up ahead of time as many students like to sit with an advisor for a clearer understanding of what is needed to achieve their degree, GPA requirements, and to discuss an action plan on achieving their goals. It is strongly advised that you meet with one of these advisors as they can explain in clearer detail what you need to do.

Research the school you wish to transfer to. Transferring to a bigger school may seem like a good idea, but if the institution does not offer a strong program in your field of study then the hassle of transferring can be a waste of time. Visit the campus and talk to some professors or some of the students who are enrolled in the same program you are. This will give you an idea of what to expect.