Adjusting to life in Canada

Adjusting to life in Canada

The decision to travel to Canada to pursue your studies is a big one.  Many aspects of life in Canada, I’m sure, are very similar to those in your home country. However, the thought of travelling to a foreign country can be quite intimidating. Rest assured, Canadians are known world-wide for being very polite and friendly.

Ask questions: It is common for students to feel homesick and even frustrated in the first few months upon arrival to a new city.  My best advice for helping to adjust to life in Canada is to ask questions and be curious. Asking questions is a great way to meet new people and learn more about whatever it is you are doing. Asking questions is also a great way to practice your English!  Take advantage of every situation you find yourself in to learn more about Canadian culture. If you decide to stay with a Homestay family or roommates, take the time to have dinner together, use some time out of your weekend to learn more about everyone.

Learn about your environment: The best way to feel more comfortable in any city is to learn about it. In comparison to other major cities in Canada, Victoria is quite small. As such, people are very open to answering questions and even just striking up a conversation while waiting for the bus. Upon your arrival to Victoria, you will immediately be taken by the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Victoria is famous for its outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, whale watching, skiing and snowboarding, and water sports.

Get involved in activities: The great thing about life on the Canadian west coast is the weather and the landscape – you could potentially go skiing and golfing in the same day!  The University will also have activities available for you.  Take advantage of these activities to get to know your fellow classmates outside of school.  Taking part in activities is great for making new friends and learning important team building skills that you can use in the classroom.  Getting involved and enjoying yourself through activities will definitely help you to adjust to living in a new and exciting city.

Embrace the diversity: Because Canada is very multicultural, you will be able to find local food markets and restaurants that should help you feel more at home. I encourage you to explore and try new things while in Canada.  Again, the best way to adjust to life in Canada is to learn about the culture and enjoy all of your time on and off campus.